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Finding cheap hotels in Austin isn't a tough job. The real issue is that you usually have to reserve your hotel room without knowing what it's really like. Our website lets you watch video reviews from people who stayed at the same hotel you're thinking about. You can take a peek inside the hotel and listen to others "Just tell it like it is" before you spend your money. This way, you can make sure you're making an informed choice for your stay in Austin.

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"They didn't change the bedsheets from the previous guests and they didn't even care that we were unhappy about it!"

Learn about the hotel horror story that drove us to create Just Tell It Like It Is.

How Important Is Hotel Choice to Guests?

The "Hotel Experience" is a huge part of your trip.  Especially if you're looking for a cheap hotel in Austin.  It's like the starting point that can make a frugal journey awesome. It's more than just a place to sleep – it's where you find peace, relax, and recharge. A good hotel can make you feel happy and ready to explore new things. It's where you get to know the local ways, enjoy cozy comfort, and feel like you belong. Your stay is like a special memory that stays with you, especially when you're looking for cheap hotels in Austin.

For Cheap Hotels in Austin:  Just Tell It Like It Is!

Even when you're just looking for a cheap hotel in Austin, your experiences still matter.  We want to hear them. At Just Tell It Like It Is, we help you tell the truth about your hotel stay by recording a hotel video review. Your honest opinions help other travelers pick the right place to stay and encourage hotels to improve. You can help make hotels better! Share your video review today, and let's change how we travel together – one honest video review at a time.

Transparent Travel Information


Honest travel experiences help you travel confidently, knowing you won't be in for any unpleasant surprises. When you can watch honest video hotel reviews, you get a real and clear idea of what cheap hotels in Austin will be like. You won't have to rely only on fancy hotel photos and descriptions that make everything look perfect. With honest travel info, you can make smart choices, making sure your trip is just as good or even better than you hoped. This means you can enjoy your travels without worrying about things going wrong or not getting what you were promised.

Improve Hotel Services


Sharing video reviews helps not only future guests, but also makes hotels better. When you show what you like and don't like in your video reviews, you help hotels become even nicer places to stay. Your feedback encourages hotels to do a better job, making sure everyone has a good time. Whether you're talking about great service or things that need fixing, your honest reviews help things get better. This isn't just about you; it helps all travelers have a more enjoyable stay. When you join in to make hotels better, it means that people who travel in the future can have awesome trips, with every stay being a special memory.

Empowered Decision-Making


Making smart choices is the key to planning a happy trip. When you watch video hotel reviews, you get the tools to plan your travels with confidence. You can learn from other travelers who were in your place and know what to expect from cheap hotels in Austin. This way, you can make choices that lead to amazing and worry-free adventures. These reviews give you a good idea of what a hotel is good at and what they can do better. You can pick a hotel that matches what you like and want. Whether you want a fancy stay or one that's easy on your wallet, video reviews help you choose what's just right for you. When you use this help, you can relax and know that real travelers have your back, making your trip smarter, more fun, and all about you.

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Becoming a member of Just Tell It Like It Is today is your ticket to an exciting journey. We believe in smart travel choices, and as a member, you have the power to make every trip unforgettable. Watch those video reviews about cheap hotels in Austin and beyond, because knowledge is your superpower. By sharing your experiences and hearing from others, you become a travel hero. Your adventures will be full of discoveries, great stays, and incredible memories. So, let's embark on this adventure together, empowering each other to explore the world and create amazing stories, one travel review at a time. Your journey begins now!