Your Step-By-Step Guide to 50 Points

STEP 1. Register Your FREE Just Tell It Like It Is Membership

In your email inbox you will find a new email from us that need your attention.  The subject line is "Please Complete Your Registration".  Click the link, complete the form and click the submit button.  

If you didn't receive this email let us know by contacting us at

STEP 2. Check Your Email for Your Account Creation Code

After you successfully submit your registration, you will receive a new email with the subject line, "Get 20 Points With This Account Creation Code".  Keep this code handy.  You will need it for the next step

STEP 3.  Enter Your Account Creation Code

Click the "CLICK HERE" link below to enter your code.  You will need to click the button that says, "Enter Your FREE Membership Account Creation Code".  After they new screen opens, you will notice that since you have already created your account, you can simply enter your Account Creation Code at the bottom of the page, then click the arrow to collect your 20 points.  CLICK HERE

STEP 4.  Share Your Unique Link For Each Productive Share

Click the "CLICK HERE" link below to enter your code.  Now make your friends and family members happy by sharing your unique link with them.  Your were going to tell them about us anyhow.  So, you might as well get something out of it.  You can either share the link itself through email or text message, or by clicking the buttons to share on social media.  Most people get the three people within 30 minutes.  For each person who also becomes a Guest Hotel Reviewer we will award you with 10 points.  CLICK HERE